Tupac's Feuds


Tupac and Biggie were both known for their beef with each other. At one time, Biggie and Tupac were close friends, they did several songs together, did many concerts together, and they had planned to do an album together. That all changed one day, when Tupac got shot.

He entered a building to meet Biggie and Puff, they were on the second floor. While he was briefly on the first floor, someone pulled out a gun and tried to rob everyone that was in the room. Tupac resisted the man, and he got shot several times. After the shooting, the unknown gunman fled the building never to be identified. Even though he was bleeding profusley, Tupac somehow managed to get on the elevator, and he entered the room where Biggie and Puff were awaiting. Tupac later said that they looked profoundly confused - not because he was bleeding, but because he was still alive.

Tupac had to move around in a wheel chair, and he soon went to jail. While he was in jail, and also while he was in the hospital, no one from Bad Boy every visited him. Tupac learned that Biggie knew about the robbery before it happened, but Biggie did not warn him. Tupac blamed Biggie for his shooting, and the rivalry started.

Tupac publicly said that his "Thug Life" was over, from now on he would do his best to stay out of trouble, and not get himself killed. This was a change that could have prolonged his life...but it was never to be. Upon hearing Tupac's statement, Puff Daddy reportedly said that, "REAL thugs can't just stop being one." This enraged Tupac, and he vowed to go to war with the whole Bad Boy staff, especially his old friends Biggie and Puff.

While Tupac was in prison, he was only visited by the Outlaws, his only true friends at the time. All Pac could think about while he was in jail was about how he loved Cali, and when he got out, he made the song "To Live And Die In L.A.". He changed his name to Makaveli, and this was his "rebirth".

The Outlaws joined Tupac, and they made many of Tupac's best songs together. They made "Hit 'Em Up", a song directly confronting Biggie and bad Boy. In it, Tupac claimed that he had sex with Biggie's wife (but not in those words).

Tupac and Biggie had fueled the East Coast/West Coast feud, and both of them died very violently. Biggie had nothing to do with Tupac's death (probably), Tupac was killed by a Crip who along with other Death Row staff members, Tupac had beaten up. However, the head of Tupac's label Death Row, Suge Knight, has been found to have connections in Biggie's death.

Mobb Deep

This beef started when Tha Dogg Pound released New York, New York. Mobb Deep took offense to that and with Tragedy and Capone N Noreaga they released LA, LA. There were 2 versions and one version used that same beat as NY, NY and in both versions the chorus was the same as from NY, NY except for a little change at the end. Now Tupac took offense to that and that's why he dissed Mobb Deep. In RapSheet in an article discussing the East/West Coast beef, Mobb Deep said never buy another Tupac album. Also, in the "Thug Immortal" interview, Tupac described why he didn't like Mobb Deep. He said that before he went to prison, he was cool with them. Later on, Tupac heard a song by Mobb Deep, in it they said "Thug Life, We Living It". Tupac told some of his boys to confront Mob Deep at a concert, and when they were confronted, Mobb Deep ran away in thier car. Tupac continued to dis them on many records, including "Hit 'Em Up", and "When I Ride On My Enemies". Tupac raps about Prodigy's sickle cell anemia in Hit 'Em Up, Mobb Deep semi-responded to the song with "Drop A Gem On 'Em".


The only time Biggie actually dissed Pac on record was on his guest appearence on Jay Z's album REASONABLE DOUBT, the song was called "Brooklyn's Finest." Then Tupac dissed Jay Z back on "Bomb First". This song pointed at the beef with Jay-Z coming from him sticking up for Mobb Deep.

More On Bad Boy

Tupac said in an interview that he used to support Junior Mafia and Biggie and give the members of Junior Mafia money to get home on the train. Biggie knew what he did to Tupac was wrong and you could see that in his interviews because no matter what Tupac said about him, he just seemed to act like he deserved it. It was like he knew he had betrayed Tupac and I think that betrayal is what hurt Tupac the most.

There was a party down in Atlanta and the Death Row camp and Bad Boy camps both showed up. There was a confrontation and Tupac kept calling Biggie on but Biggie wouldn't move. Eventually gunfire broke out which caused everyone to leave but the only person in the Bad Boy camp that even stood up to Death Row was Little Caesar.


Tupac also had a beef with Nas, probably because Nas is a fake thug. They used to be close to each other, but then something happened that caused the beef. I originally heard that it started when Nas was talking bad about Tupac in an interview. Then I later heard that they originally met at Club 662 in Las Vegas but it seems by Tupac's lyrics that it was based on Nas stealing Tupac's style, beats, and Nas trying to act like Tupac.Nas's affiliation with Bad Boy may have also played a factor along with him working with Dre. Nas got put in check when he was confronted by Tupac at a music awards ceremony and Suge Knight ended up slapping Nas. Tupac made a dis song where he talks about Nas, but Nas has never done any song against Tupac. In fact, on "...I am", Nas does a tribute song to both Biggie and Tupac. This is strange because Tupac hated Nas, and Nas never showed up at Biggie's funeral. On the tribute song, Nas said that the reasong that he never showed up was because "If I got on my knees, I would never be able to leave". The real reason that Nas never showed up was because when he heard that Biggie died, Nas went into hiding, "virtual seclusion" is what Time Magasine actually says. Nas missed his "best friend"'s funeral because he was so scared - - - even though Biggie was shot on the other side of the continent. . . .

LL Cool J

There really isn't that much background on this rivalry but LL released a B-side song as kind of a sequel to Biggie's B-side "Who Shot Ya?" called "I Shot Ya" directed at Tupac where he praises Mobb Deep for dissing Tupac. Tupac has an unreleased song called "Little Homies" where he takes shots at LL but the actual cause of this beef still remains a mystery. LL had beef with Ice-T and Ice-T absolutely crushed him. LL thinks he is some bad boy rapper when all he is is a mainstream MTV clone. He gave Tupac no respect at the Grammy's after Tupac was murdered. LL is Bad Boy affiliated too because Puffy was his management when he did Walking With A Panther and Puffy produced songs on his albums. LL needs to go get another weak sitcom or go do another Gap commercial because we all know that you can't spell "seLL out" without "LL".


This was kind of a strange rivalry because Tupac and Dre were thought to be close especially after California Love. I have heard three points of view on this though. Tupac says it was because Dre wasn't doing anything at Death Row and was taking credit for other people's work. Tupac didn't like him for this and also for the fact that Dre never appeared at Snoop's trial to support him although it seems that Tupac was more upset over this than Snoop. Dre never really commented on it except he said that Tupac and him never hung out and Tupac didn't know him so he shouldn't be dissing him. The final story on this was really shocking and came from Suge Knight in an interview which can be seen on the Thug Immortal video. Suge Knight doesn't name names but he basically says that Dre is gay and that Tupac didn't want him to be a part of Death Row because Dre had a lover working for him while he was married with children. I suggest watching this interview for the full story but this is consistent with Tupac calling him gay on several songs. Specific quotes included "that nigga sittin' up in his mansion suckin' dick, eatin' pussy" plus in a number of his songs he says stuff like "we shook Dre punk ass, now we out of the closet" and "check your sexuality it's fruity as this alize" along with "California Love Part II without gay ass Dre."

Chino XL

Basically Chino XL likes to put metaphors in his songs, in one of Chino XL's songs, it is rumered he says "...or you will get fucked like Tupac did in jail." For the record, it was Wendy Williams of Hot 97 in NYC who started that rumor.

Lauryn Hill

A little known feud, Tupac also had a beef with Lauryn Hill. Not much is known about the reasons for this beef, but in Tupac's unreleased song, "When I Ride On My Enemies", he talks about Lauryn and the Fugees, he talks about killing Lauryn Hill "and coming back to watch the other two die slow".

Tavis Smiley

On his debut show Tavis held a forum on the life and death of Tupac and from the very beginning of the show he tried to defame and portray Tupac as a thug out of control. All he talked about was how Tupac stayed in the spotlight as a advocate for violence and disrespect for women. He had as guests Russell Simmons from Def Jam and Kevin Powell, a writer for Vibe magazine. Throughout the show, Tavis continued to refute every compliment that Mr. Simmons mentioned about Tupac bringing up all the negative aspects of his life and music. Eventually Mr. Simmons got fed up and with one last comment he blasted Tavis for his berating of Tupac and hung up the phone in the middle of the show saying that he would not continue to be apart of a show that showed such disrespect and called Tavis "America's Favorite House Nigger."

Jacques Agnant

In the song released after his death called "Against All Odds", Tupac tells the story of "a snitch named Haitian Jack". The song says Jack is stocky, light skinned and has a Haitian accent, all of which describes Agnant. Agnant is on probabtion after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct in a 1994 incident in which Shakur was convicted of sexual abuse of a woman who came to his hotel room. Tupac believed Agnant made a deal with prosecutors at the rapper's expense.

Tupac had many other beefs not mentioned here. If you have anything to add to this page, PLEASE email hiphopslums@hotmail.com.



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